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Team session

Are you taking care of your employees’ mental well-being?

Taking care of your employees’ well-being is a caring and responsible action, that not only supports a healthy work environment, but also acts as a preventative measure against stress and burnout.

As the founder of the development organisation LittleBigHelp, with 90 employees in India and three in Denmark, I know how important it is to facilitate activities for my team, that provides a space for calmness, presence and connection.

In a holistic team session, we meet in a quiet and meditative space. We get out from within our heads and down into the body, and experience the calm presence. 

This different way of being together, as a team, can support you with:

  • Better collaboration
  • Better communication
  • A better working environment

Take a break from deadlines, responsibilities and daily routines, and make space for your nervous system to calm down.

A team session programme can take place with or without yoga. Meditation and other techniques for achieving more calmness in everyday life are always included.

Write to me at: and tell me about your wishes and needs, so I can put together a programme that suits your team.